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Kila Ilo
Temperamental, sarcastic and sort of paranoid. Smart, but impulsive, and often displays poor judgement. Knows several languages and is a crack sharpshooter. Briefly worked as a bounty hunter three years ago but had to quit when she started running into targets she used to know, such as her own father. Does not talk about what she did before that- ever. There are no records of her from before five years ago- she may be using an alias.

Richard Ferris
A mild-mannered, talented thief. A master hacker. Owns the largest collection of pirated video games in the universe but doesn't like to play the violent ones. Loves soap operas.

Pilau Kao
Owner of a large research company. A bored, wealthy scientist with no living family or significant other, latched onto the stories of the weapon of the Lakoi for something to occupy his time with. He was as shocked as anyone when he actually found a potential location for it.

Diphtheria Jenkins
A 12-year-old girl with permissive guardians, a talent for electronics and AI programming, and a dislike for everyone. Craves power.