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28 Feb 2011 02:23 pm

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Yo. I made a news post, but if you're like me, you absolutely never read news posts. XD The jist of it was 'The comic is now on a M/W/F schedule and if this this ever gets into the top 100 on TopWebcomics, I'm going to post a 15-or-so page minicomic in celebration.'

Speaking of TWC and voting, today's vote incentive is Kila's rant taking a gross turn.

(Also; the lighting is still from the TV we saw two pages ago. It's just- suddenly gotten really crazy because I got, uh, carried away. Kila's not changing color.)
Alohilani, 28 Feb 2011 02:30 pm Reply

Advertisement, 24 Apr 2014 09:08 am Reply

hurp voted :V
also i'm genkidane747/beanschan from dA :I

awaiting mini-comic.....
(shall we ever learn more of this Elera Venom, sounds other-worldly)

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