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Why do I get the feeling people will like this page... even though that dog looks terrible...

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Alohilani, April 4th, 2011, 10:09 am

NEWS SO MANY UPDATES! Where to begin?

1. Comic is back to Monday, Wednesday and Friday updates.

2. Comic has a NEW NAME thanks to suggestions by some people I know who actually took marketing classes and are super good at it and think I need a better 'brand name'. So the comic is named KiLA iLO now. The SmackJeeves URL stays the same for now so you can still find the comic, but it will be changed to kilailo.thewebcomic.com as of this Friday, April 8. Unless something goes wrong...

3. I actually made a vote incentive this week. I asked around for ideas on what to make. I got a lot of really good suggestions and a few that were mildly insulting. I wound up spazzing and just drawing one of those stupid pictures where everyone is standing on each other. Bonus: This picture includes a preview of a character who will not be introduced for a really long time. I would like to remind everyone that I will post a bonus mini-comic for everyone to enjoy if this comic ever makes it into the Top 100.

4. I think that might actually be it- I'll edit with anything else I remember that's important.

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