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Kila is actually deaf in her left ear. Notice that in the page with her hearing different things and shooting at them, only her right ear moves in response to the noises she hears.

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Alohilani, April 6th, 2011, 10:04 am

W00T. Another long comment today. Bear with me.

First, I couldn't manage a new vote incentive today, but vote anyway, because if KI gets into the Top 100 I'm posting a ten-page mini-comic. Actually, the mini-comic turns out to make a decent prologue to this comic and explain some IMPORTANT BACKSTORY!!!!111!!1. I like it when extra stuff isn't useless.

Second, here's something I forgot to mention Monday. I got a tumblr account. http://cassiesstickerstories.tumblr.com/ So far I've been using it to ramble about my life and post weird sketches of characters from this comic.

Third, I forgot that I passed out a ton of business cards at InvaderCON with the current URL on them, so I will not be changing the URL. Not for a few months, anyway.

Fourth, I'm trying to unload the prints I didn't sell at InvaderCON. They're not too terribly expensive. The money goes to pay for my SCIENCE TRAINING AT COLLEGE; don't worry, I'm not trying to get money out of you so I can blow it on Xiaolin Showdown action figures.

If you are interested, and don't have a dA account, my email is buddinganimator@aol.com.

I believe that is everything.

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