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I love Panel 3. Sorry I love it.

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Alohilani, May 9th, 2011, 8:50 am

We now return to our scheduled programming already in progress.

Today we learn that in space they have really annoying cell phones.

Also, there's an homage on this page that's actually been on several previous pages and no one's spotted it yet. Care to try? Hint: It's not Invader Zim this time but nice try.

Today's vote incentive is a comic strip.

Oh, and I have a new sketchblog! http://630kila.blogspot.com/ I'm using it to post WIPs, concept art, and stuff that's too dumb to go anywhere else. Concepts for this comic are bound to start turning up regularly. This world and its characters take up a big chunk of what I draw.

The shading in Panel 4 is all wrong and I don't really care.

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