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Imagine the cheesiest and most blatant dramatic cue possible playing over the last three panels.

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Alohilani, September 14th, 2011, 6:12 am

Ferris, not everything is about you!

His name is Pilau Kao. 'Dotorba' is a permutation of 'Doctor'.

Okay, so, I'm a college freshman now, and I could really use, ah, money. See the little donate button up at the top of the page? Every time I get twenty dollars total donations, I'm posting an extra comic page.

Again, that is twenty dollars total donations- which means, you donate a dollar and get nineteen friends to donate a dollar, you get a page. Or donate twenty dollars and get a page!

The donate button is up near the top, near the banner, if you want to help.

Current donations: 20/20

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