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21 Sep 2011 05:55 am

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Note: Pilau's species only comes in two colors, blue for males, green for females. He did not arbitrarily decide she'd look better green.

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I wouldn't want an implant from this guy either.

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Alohilani, 21 Sep 2011 05:55 am Reply

Advertisement, 24 Apr 2014 09:37 pm Reply

In regard's to the author comments... Yeah, I wouldn't want one either. What kind of Doctor is he anyway? He seems kind of sketchy, hiring freelance thieves to find him a weapon and all...

I'm sure Kila will learn the human language naturally, she said she can speak a variety of languages, just show her a bunch of violent war movies and she'll be as fluent in English as the Queen.

It would be convenient to just cross the contenuity of the comic with "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and just use the yellow physic fish translator thingy from it. But I think that is plagerism... Oh well Kila can just learn to deal with "iffy" docters messing with her brain. :-) <--- (EMOTICON!!!)

LATE THOUGHT Slap a collar and leesh on richard and he would pass as a pet even without a bracelet. I mean there are probably people our there with dressed up pet porcipines. OOOH! Good vote incentive Kila and Richard at a porcipine (or dog) show!

... Interesting comic you have here, I enjoy reading. I also enjoy drawing everything I see so everytime I see a comic that intrigues me I draw a picture, do you except fan art? If so would you mind telling me how to send it? I draw by hand and have a really shitty scanner so...

I do accept fanart!!! If you send your art to buddinganimator@aol.com I'll post it as a vote incentive :)

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