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03 Nov 2011 06:51 am

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Yes, when that.

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Bonus page!!! Yay!

I've been working hard to get pages done ahead, and I hopefully will be able to re-open donations towards more bonus pages soon :)
Alohilani, 03 Nov 2011 06:51 am Reply

Advertisement, 19 Apr 2014 02:29 am Reply

I've had a question, when exactly does this comic take place? Is it a smoggy future earth or a present earth and they had landed in a park or something with less houses? I know it can't be too far in the past if it is, because of the beer can they found on the planet.

Present Earth on an overcast day. They're in the woods, away from more populated areas.

If you look at the first page, it's initially brighter weather and it says they're in the woods.

Stretches of trees with scattered houses and bait shops aren't uncommon in the Midwest. There's nothing unusual about Earth in this setting.

Yes, that you idiot. Ah... I love how scientists ALWAYS think they can do things by themselves. Muscles and guns be needed sometimes!

It occers to me that she hasn't changed out of that green outfit since she had that whole dramatic changing sequence.

Also, I love how you are layering the pictures.

No, she had her armor off when she was back at the ship


She just put it back on off screen before going after Kao.

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