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jareth you moron

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Alohilani, December 2nd, 2011, 6:29 am

Okay, I'm sorry about the missed Wednesday. It actually wasn't strictly my fault or my schedule's fault this time- my connection was being really weird about me uploading stuff. It was REALLY frustrating. I was sitting here staring at the finished page, watching it sit uselessly on my hard drive.

New vote incentive! Maybe that will help your anguished feelings. A while ago someone asked how Kila would look if she used her new hologram bracelet to disguise herself as a member of Richard's species. The answer to that knotted riddle has been provided.

Donations to next bonus page: $17/$20

Donations help out with college expenses and are much appreciated. The next few pages are done ahead so bonus pages will be posted as soon as they are paid for (as in, total donations reach $20).

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