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Guess who doesn't have guests often.

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Reply Alohilani, 30 Apr 2012 01:27 pm

There will be a cool new vote incentive tomorrow when TWC voting resets. Stay tuned.

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Number of donations (accepted through here) until next bonus page: None received since last bonus page. $20 more needed.

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Reply senor_pena, 30 Apr 2012 03:04 pm

COMMUNICATION WIN!!! Seriously, that's why I'm not an ambassador for other people.

Reply rosque, 30 Apr 2012 03:53 pm

"If they drink all our sodas, they will die."

Reply ClarkeWolf, 30 Apr 2012 04:07 pm

XD Nice job, Ferris, nice job.

Reply |Agent (Guest), 30 Apr 2012 07:15 pm

Ferris certainly has his work cut out for him.

Reply Unclever title, 30 Apr 2012 09:51 pm

"Tell them if they bleed on the floors, they will die."

Reply Paul (Guest), 02 May 2012 05:58 am

*Makes mental note to kill them in a bloodless fashion*

Reply Guest, 27 May 2012 04:03 pm

I thought he was wearing a bike helmet. Did he convince Dippy to let him keep the fedora?

Reply Alohilani, 27 May 2012 04:04 pm

@Guest: Yeah, he switched back when they left the store.

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