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22 Jun 2012 09:04 am

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By the way, I didn't upload the high-res version of this page anywhere this time, so even if you go find it on deviantART and download it, you will not be able to read that text.

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Alohilani, 22 Jun 2012 09:08 am Reply

Advertisement, 18 Apr 2014 12:54 am Reply

out of focus text wall will not be used as reading material :(

@shadow7127: why has no one pointed out that text bubble that's not filled in wow awkward i should fix that

Now the question is why she wants to know about Viktier, she did save her life, rebuild her so she could fly again, perhaps she feels a debt is owed.

Well... So Rio is the Krexian woman that she found half destroyed in the crater as stated from Secret Lab page, hence Rio's two-toned body?

Congrats on an awesomely successful kickstarter. :) Came here from TwoKinds like some other folks have said, and I really love your comic. The characters and their expressions are perfect. I lol'd IRL so much reading through the archive.

+1 fan for life

@Kad: Thank you very much, Kad!!! :)

Can't think of anyone else that would get the jester look! What I want to know is which side was the one that got damaged?

Em you can sort of see the text bubble outline in the first panel through her head

@rosque: I can't see it on my screen, ergo, I can't fix it. :/

>I can see the text bubble outline...
>But what I what to know the red thing is... a phone?
>Rio is very feminine in panel 4.

I want very badly to take a magnifying glass to that wall of text...

Text I was about to save the picture and try to enlrge it, and then the AltText came up. Thank you for that warning! You saved me some agonizing minutes hehe.

I love how the story is progressing! I wish that the archive was bigger, but I see that the comic is rather new and updated regularly, so I have to say, you have gained a loyal reader in me!

@RomanoGiovanni: Thank you! :)

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