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Kila what is in those jars on that shelf also why did you put your map away and not your busted phone? I swear, I didn't forget to draw the map, I was really thinking 'she's done adding Earth to it and she put it away' and I completely forgot about her just leaving her phone there. Maybe it's an act of disgust. Anyway, I'm proud of her for finally managing to break it. Now she needs to get rid of that weird glowing box before it gets any weirder.

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Alohilani, July 2nd, 2012, 4:27 pm

EDIT/UPDATE: I looked at what I have done ahead, and KiLA iLO will resume on Monday, July 16th.

Usually I try to warn you in advance when I'm going to end the chapter and go on break... I didn't this time because I was going to have one more scene after this, but that scene really fits much better at the beginning of next chapter than at the end of this one.

I'm going to go on a little break before starting Book 4... I don't know how long of a break. I know for sure I won't update this Friday because I'll be at CONVERGENCE in Bloomington, MN and you should come see me there.

Book 1 has been sent to the printer. If all goes well it should be available for purchase within a week or so- if all doesn't go well and there are formatting issues I need to iron out, it could be a couple weeks yet. Fingers crossed!

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