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20 Jul 2012 09:28 am

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FUN FACT: The 'tens of thousands' phrase in the Old Testament refers to King David, who has killed 'tens of thousands' while King Saul only ever got to the thousands. King David was very definitely a good guy, who killed all those people in wars to defend Israel, and was lauded as heroic for it, both in the narrative, by God, and by his non-overrun-by-Philistines subjects. I bet you weren't expecting this comic to literally start preaching to you.

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What is NOT hyperbole is that BOOK ONE OF KiLA iLO IS NOW OUT IN PRINT. https://www.createspace.com/3819996

You can buy it on Createspace for $9.99 plus shipping, or buy a signed copy directly from me via PayPal for $9.99 plus shipping.

There's also a new vote incentive. Sort of. It's a sketch I posted on my Tumblr, but if you're not following me you haven't seen it.
Alohilani, 20 Jul 2012 09:31 am Reply

Advertisement, 23 Apr 2014 06:46 am Reply

PREACHIIIING! Nah, I kid. This page was a nice serious touch on our characters.

I Wasn't sure on the new style for Null, but I'm getting used to it now.

Have just followed a link here and read the whole thing so far. Absolutely wonderful comic.

@Midarc: Thank you!!

Really nice. Like your style.

Cutest black market doctors...

Thank you! I'm in love with this comic. I'm a sucker for sci fi, and I'm a sucker for cartoons. Your characters are fun, the plot's interesting, and dialogue is to die for, particularly in some of the altercations. The encounter with the bait shop rests in my mind as "How it would REALLY happen" if aliens ever visited.

I applaud you. I check back every day. (No I don't care if it's not updated every day, I reread the old one).

Ah well. Enough flattery. You're impressive, and I love the comic. Please release more of them on the Kindle!

@runehamster: Oh wow, thank you so much!!!!! :)

For some reason I really like how she looks in a hat

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