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Kila dropped Jesmaine's gun as a sign of goodwill. She has her own concealed weapon. So in that first panel she's basically lying.

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Alohilani, October 15th, 2012, 7:53 am

New vote incentive! Kila and Ferris in Halloween costumes.

Some people were surprised to see Kila bleeding red in the last page when she has a blue tongue. I was surprised in turn because we saw her bleeding red waaay back in her dream sequence and I don't think anyone was surprised then, but that was a dream, so it probably just looked like a narrative device of some sort. Also that was posted a year ago. But anyway.

There are animals in real life with red blood but blue tongues, like the chow chow or the blue-tongued gecko. Kila's like that. Pilau really does have blue blood though, if you were curious.

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