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22 Oct 2012 07:30 am

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gosh kila calm down

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Pilau would rather not hear any more about that 'kill' thing.
Alohilani, 22 Oct 2012 07:30 am Reply

Advertisement, 17 Apr 2014 04:23 pm Reply

Snow Snow is falling ever so softly on the sharp edges of emotional tension. Cold of air and of blood.

Sorry for whatever reason I can't bring myself to comment unless I feel I've got something important to say. But I have been reading for a while now.

(my last comment you said liked but would have to delete, because I was using science to disprove stuff)

Love your work!
And art is improving wonderfully as the rule of reality grants.

@Mars714: Thank you!

Beautiful staging. The unusual angles are drawn brilliantly, and show how Kila's stature doesn't keep her from having the upper hand. (sorry, couldn't resist)

@Hopper: Thank you!! :)

Dang, the unexpected lawyering going on here really calls for a phoenix wright joke, but none are coming to mind. Also somebody get Kila a tissue.

This page further cements my opinion that Kila talks with a Russian accent.

@EveryZig, I couldn't agree more, Ive though it as soon as the confrontation started, but as I go though the entire comic again,I can't help but put the Russian accent into them all.

Ahem... @rosque: OBJECTION!!!

@R Reyes: holy crap i belive our nosebleed friend that she will man never piss of a dog looking alian girl or she will kill you

Scary grin Wow, that scary grin in panel 3, it's like Kila suddenly discovers that she LIKES having the law on her side!

Ah, just noticed something! I like how Kila pulls Jes' hair to bring her down to her level, but she's not continuously pulling it to be a jerk. She just wanted to make a point!

Such beautiful hair...

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