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29 Oct 2012 08:18 pm

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kila get a kleenex or something gosh darn

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Advertisement, 23 Apr 2014 04:51 am Reply

Poor RK-12

Is she really a kid? For some reason I was under the impression that she was older.

Dat sidemouth

I can't actually tell whether Kila is trying to be helpful or trying to antagonize the woman! She has a very deadpan delivery...

@Wheat: RK-12 is an adult of her species. Pilau is either confused, or just being condescending. Probably mostly the latter :P

So, does Kila actually think she doesn't have the box? We know the box does mind control, and I don't see why Kila wouldn't have given it to Pilau.

@|Agent: I personally lean a bit more toward the former option-I mean, if you're gonna have a rival, at least have a good one, ya know?

@Anthony: It may be the kind of situation where she forgets about the box's existence if she isn't looking at it, she may simply just misunderstand, (the so-called "box" isn't very box-shaped, IIRC,) or she could just be a good liar.

@SecretAgent000: It's fairly box-shaped http://theworldisyours.smackjeeves.com/comics/1397657/hole/

a little flat, maybe

@SecretAgent000: she calls in a box in #137-138.

Proper Villains It's nice to see proper villains again! You know, the kind that realize when they totally outmatch their opponent, and will just send them away to come back later when they are more of a challenge...as if that would ever happen.

. I wouldn't go as far to call any one villain, possibly antihero but not villain.

@RY: I'm going with "Soldier of Fortune" for everyone on the page except RK-12

"Even if you don't think you have it-" ... then what? It'll scramble your brains? Summon zombies? Subscribe you to Reader's Digest? Why couldn't you let her finish her sentence, Kila?

Safe? Since when was science safe? It wouldn't be any fun if it was safe

So just how many guns does this make that Kila has? Just the two? Because at this point 2 and 20 are both in the range of believability for me.

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