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I was going to have the guy say his name, but then I was like 'no, if they know his name, the readers will understand too much'

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Alohilani, July 5th, 2013, 11:14 am

I've just been kind of hoping that psychic contact is enough of a science fiction constant that I don't have to take time out to explain it, because so far I couldn't think of a way to elegantly make him say 'I am in your dream because I've formed a telepathic link with you while my body is immobilized far away'. There was a mention (a while ago, at the start of Book 3) that Twelve has a mental connection to the weapon/plain black box so it's not completely out of nowhere.

That said, if this point is too obscure I'll have to explain it on the next page because when this page is printed it won't be accompanied by my verbose explanation in the comments.

Edit: I forgot to clarify; there will be more details given about this element within the storyline later on, just not in this scene right here if it can be at least mostly understood without an explanation. This scene doesn't seem to lend itself to more exposition but I'll add some in if an explanation is required right this minute.

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