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The second panel would be great out of context. "Here's a girl shoveling snow, and here's a dinosaur foot or something."

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Alohilani, July 19th, 2013, 8:28 am

I was going to say something. Oh yeah. It's been a while since I mentioned I have a Twitter account. I mostly post links to things I like and quips I thought of and laughed at after a big cup of very strong coffee. I also tweet whenever there's a new page, but I'm assuming if you're here, you know how to figure out when the comic updates. (It's every Monday and Friday at some variable point during the day)

Also, I ordered the proof of Book 3. Let me know if you're interested in buying a signed copy so I know how many copies to order once the proof is approved.

That girl is named Liz and at an earlier planning stage, she was a main character. Then the story's focus shifted away from humans, so far anyway. I suppose there's quite a bit of comic left so she might be back.

Oh, and I found voice actors for the video game, so it will have fully voiced cutscenes. This is a long author's comment.

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