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Why is he so surprised when she told him her dad is a pirate?

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Alohilani, August 26th, 2013, 2:09 pm

The last conversation they had ended rather awkwardly. I'm not sure you remember that, since it happened... three months ago.

This book my mom wrote and I edited is great! You should download it! Today is the last day to get it for free!

In other news, I'm back on Tumblr. Last spring I deleted my Tumblr account due to a case of harassment. There were other reasons too; I started those blogs when I was not really mature enough to have access an open forum for airing my personal thoughts on the Internet and there was a lot of material on there that I'm glad is gone, I did not have time to maintain the account over the summer, etc.

I was surprised by how many people missed my blogs, and I can't just avoid a site forever because I had one terrible experience on it, so I am back with a fresh start: http://www.cassiesart.tumblr.com/ This time I'm only using one blog for everything, so I don't accumulate the horrible mess that happened last time. (I had more than twenty blogs at one point and that is ridiculous.)

I could not reclaim the URL kilailo.tumblr.com, that URL has some kind of weird credit card ad sitting on it. Please ignore that.

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