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Alohilani, August 31st, 2013, 6:31 pm

Thing you care about first: I go back to school on Wednesday so there will be no more Friday updates. There will only be new pages on Mondays from now on, and there won't be a new page this Monday because it's Labor Day weekend.

And I have a new Tumblr, if you missed that on the last page. It's completely safe for work, I forgot to point that out. I never post or share anything that can be considered mature content. In any sense of the word 'mature', really.

Now: if you're wondering about this, Pilau did indicate to Detective Jesmaine and 12 that he knew who she really was, and they could potentially testify against him; he's not being sneaky or anything, it slipped his mind. It's an insignificant detail to him because, as was sort of implied, the League of Planets- his home system- and the Shanian Empire- Detective Jesmain's home system- do not meddle in each other's affairs at all, which is why Kila was never captured for her crimes in eight years of living 'on the run' with a cutesy semi-alliterative fake name and no real attempt to disguise her appearance besides a pair of Playskool-colored goggles, even though she's been recognized by people like Ferris's father and has apparently been in contact with her old boss.

I had this page technically finished yesterday, all but the speech bubbles, and I could have posted it on time, but the dialog in this page is that horrific combination of 'details that will confuse everyone if they're not phrased right' and 'not really all that fun and probably won't be important anymore in a few pages.' I wanted to be fresh when I wrote it.

...And it's probably still not that great of an explanation. But like I said, it's probably not going to be important anymore soon.

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