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I own the copyright to KiLA iLO and related characters and designs.

Fanart/fanfiction, if offered for free. Just please understand that nothing you draw or design is going in the comic, though I will put it on the guest art page if requested :) Note: this is an all-ages comic, so anything that's not all-ages is not going to be put on the guest art page or shared on social media.
(Because people have asked about this) Shipping/shippy fanart is fine. XD (There won't be any canon romantic relationships in the comic though, if anyone was hoping for that, but yeah it's fine)
Use of artwork from the comic as avatars, profile pictures, forum signatures, in slideshows or part of a blog theme is fine. I would really appreciate if you credit back to me with a link if you use my work.

NOT allowed, no exceptions:
Selling anything related to KiLA iLO.
Claiming my artwork or designs as your own.
Tracing my artwork.

Please ask first:
Anything not listed on this page.